Sheet Scarf // Cotton Flannel

Sheet Scarf // Cotton Flannel

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The Sheet Scarf is over-sized for a chic fullness. Its size makes wearing easy, comfortable, and very versatile. It can be wrapped, tied, twisted, and tucked for an all-day-no-adjusting kind of wear. It is also great for draping over your shoulders as a shawl.

This Sheet Scarf is a large squarish shape, so wearing is as simple as folding and wrapping like a traditional bandana - except so much better and super cozy! 

STYLE TIP: Always start with the scarf folded diagonally in half, just like a bandana and go from there! You can wear it tons of ways!

Scarf Details:

100% Cotton flannel - thick, soft and molds to your neck. The color is a deep brick red mini buffalo check 

Trim: Cotton - Black  //  Two sides covered and two sides have raw edges

Handcrafted in Connecticut 


Squarish/rectangle shape: {About } 53" x 57"


Machine washable - wash in cold with like fabrics - hang to dry or dry with like fabrics on low