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The Cocoon Poncho
The Cocoon Poncho
The Cocoon Poncho
The Cocoon Poncho
The Cocoon Poncho

The Cocoon Poncho

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This hybrid top is a elegant combination of a cape, poncho, scarf and top all in one. It instantly creates an elevated, edgy + sophisticated look. 
its cowl form goes right over the head and drapes gently over the shoulders. You can pull the cape down over your shoulders more for a more dramatic look. It can also be worn with the cowl draping to the side and the gathered seam over the shoulder for a more asymmetrical look or it can be pull away from the shoulders and worn like an oversized Sheet Scarf.

The natural structure of this garment is all about drape and style and there is no wrong way to wear it. Since there is no tying, buttoning or zipping requires (since it is all sewn to be thrown on, adjusted and go) it is super versatile and effortless looking.


This garment is made from a high-quality soft wool suiting fabric. 

There is cotton black trim that covers the edges. 


This is a free-size garment // Can fit bodies that fall under the standard S,M,L comfortably. When pulled down over the shoulders it is a snug naturally. For more flexibility you can wear it slightly off the to side or like a drapey scarf. 

FUN FACT: This top is a minimal-waste design. Due to the draping technique/style it does not create tons of waste. The waste that this top creates can fit within one hand and is either recycled or re-purposed later for pockets.


Wash on cold delicate - hang to dry (do not put in the dryer)!

This item was handcrafted in Connecticut out of deadstock fabric. Colors or textures may appear slightly different in real life than they do in photos.