RUBA RUBA is small business that focuses on style + intentionality within your wardrobe & life!
Owner, stylist & designer, Georgia Caroline is an innovative fashion stylist & creative director based on the East Coast and offers virtual styling services all over the US.
Personal style is far more than just wearing something cute or keeping up with trends.
What we wear helps build our narrative.
Style is in everything we do. Our clothing is a strong form of communication, which means it is a tool we can rely on no matter what life throws at us.
It is one area in life that we can actually take full control of and use to better the way we show up in the world each day.
Unfortunately, in today's fast fashion world, we have become desensitized to low quality as well as a lack of individuality when it comes to our clothes. We often get stuck in the never-ending trend cycles which depletes our confidence and waters down our look. This is why it is essential to determine our own unique personal style so there is a foundation to build on each and every day.
Georgia started RUBA RUBA after learning about the troubles & complexities of fast fashion. She became aware of the pervasive disposable view of clothing and has worked to combat this with a realistic approach....It is not about being or doing anything perfectly, but instead about doing it all with purpose.
Intentionality is always what truly matters in life and of course, style.
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A small batch clothing label designed and produced on the east coast!
The owner + designer, Georgia Caroline handcrafts the one-of-a-kind pieces in a small yet sun filled studio ~ Where all batches are designed, cut + sewn!
~ New collection releases happen once per season ~
RUBA RUBA puts an emphasis on minimalistic boho-y layers that you can feel good about wearing. All pieces are made with quality, deadstock fabrics for a high level of uniqueness which makes each collection { aka Batch } release special and unlike any other!
The Fabric:
Each piece is made with the idea of quality over quantity in mind!
99% of the designs are made with deadstock fabric.
WHAT IS DEADSTOCK EXACTLY? Deadstock is fabric that comes from textile mills, and garment factories (and other sorts of sources) that do not have a purpose for it any longer. Either because it is left over from production orders or if factories/companies go out of business or any number of reasons, but long story short -
it is unused fabric that needs a purpose.
Using this type of fabric to create clothing is a pretty amazing process!
As a small designer, I am able to use high-end, beautiful fabrics that are always changing and this brings a unique quality to the clothing that the wearer can feel + see.
The Waste:
If you have any need for fabric scraps of all sizes, please contact Georgia via email or Instagram! 
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