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A small batch clothing label designed and produced on the east coast!
The owner + designer, Georgia Caroline handcrafts the one-of-a-kind pieces in a small yet sun filled studio ~ Where all batches are designed, cut + sewn!
~ New collection releases happen once per season ~
RUBA RUBA puts an emphasis on minimalistic boho-y layers that you can feel good about wearing. All pieces are made with quality, deadstock fabrics for a high level of uniqueness which makes each collection { aka Batch } release special and unlike any other!
RUBA RUBA is not only a clothing line, but also offers consulting + styling.
Georgia works one on one with clients to get their closet working for them better, instead of against them! The RUBA RUBA way is all about intentionally guiding you towards an intentional wardrobe. By helping shift the distorted view of clothing being "disposable" + supplying thoughtful tools so you can build a mindful wardrobe you can be proud of.


RUBA RUBA offers insight + gives you permission to be true to yourself cus when you look good, you feel good + when you feel good you do good

Check out Instagram for behind the scene looks at the process!
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DM on Instagram or send me an email to set up a complimentary
"Discovery Call" to chat about how we can get your wardrobe working better for you!
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Unfortunately, we have gotten stuck in a toxic cycle of chasing trends, buying cheap + being cemented in the mindset of: 

"I have nothing to wear" ...even though the closet is jam packed

 This cycle creates negative shopping habits, mindless consumption, a lack of understanding when it comes to fit, fabrics, clothing care, how to shop + even the basics of putting an outfit together.

 We are constantly consuming low quality without even realizing the damage it creates not only on humanity + the planet, but for ones self as well 

When our clothing is literally made to be trash, our perspective inherently treats it like trash.This breeds a lack of pride in our wardrobes + an absence of embracing our true personal style.... 

The lines of what is true to ones self has become very blurred + confusing. So, lots of people reject fashion all together, before it can reject them { OR } stumble right past personal style + dive head first into the heard of sheep

 As consumers we have a lot more power than we give ourselves credit for. When we have the knowledge, tools + an intentional shift in perspective we can make better choices, embrace our true personal style + build on a wardrobe that can evolve with us throughout life. Having the right skills can bring you more confidence + knowledge that can even be passed down to the next generation > > > > > > It can also give you the freedom to have FUN + break the rules in all the right ways! 

The RUBA RUBA way is all about educating + mindfully refining from the ground up. Offering a light at the end of the tunnel; A way to genuinely connect what you wear to your real life, real body + real self. The RR processes offer insight + guidance that focuses on embracing you so you can look good, feel good, do good! It is all about giving you control over your wardrobe so you can create a strong foundation to embrace + build on over time. It is not about being or doing anything perfectly, but instead about doing it all on purpose.

* * *
The Fabric:
Each piece is made with the idea of quality over quantity in mind!
99% of the designs are made with deadstock fabric.
WHAT IS DEADSTOCK EXACTLY? Deadstock is fabric that comes from textile mills, and garment factories (and other sorts of sources) that do not have a purpose for it any longer. Either because it is left over from production orders or if factories/companies go out of business or any number of reasons, but long story short -
it is unused fabric that needs a purpose.
Using this type of fabric to create clothing is a pretty amazing process!
As a small designer, I am able to use high-end, beautiful fabrics that are always changing and this brings a unique quality to the clothing that the wearer can feel + see.
The Waste:
If you have any need for fabric scraps of all sizes + kinds please contact Georgia via email or Instagram! 
The RUBA RUBA Sizing:
  The RUBA RUBA sizing is very unique and inclusive as I can possibly be as a one women show. To be completely transparent, sizing is super complicated to produce and making multiple pieces in a variety of sizes isn't realistic (for RUBA RUBA) so I have worked to create designs that don't always have to focus on the size. I also find sizing to be very frustrating and confusing in the modern world of fast fashion and want to avoid putting so much focus on the size instead of how it feels >>>
The RR clothing is made up of minimal, uncomplicated silhouettes that can fit a variety of body types.
Every piece is considered a "Free Size"
So, instead of the wearer worrying about the number on the tag, I want the wearer to worry about how the item feels and focus on the actual fit instead.
This freedom with the sizing is accomplished by all of the openings of the garment being "oversized" and not constricting at all.
Especially in the armpit area! This leaves room for bigger bust sizes, longer limbs and the uniqueness of each person's body! Most of the RR pieces are flowy and relaxed enough to flatter a variety of sizes. If you have any questions about how something may fit you please do not hesitate to reach out to the designer
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