Behind The Seams

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 RUBA RUBA is a small batch clothing label made in Connecticut, by Georgia Caroline. This small batch line/one of a kind collection is full of uncomplicated + timeless + effortless pieces that are thoughtfully created with quality over quantity in mind. 
RUBA RUBA puts focus on year round layers that you can feel good about wearing. The quality + easy-going silhouettes make getting dressed simple so you can be the powerhouse woman you are.
RUBA RUBA also launched a customized wardrobe development service to help you create the style and closet that makes you feel like a powerhouse. Georgia Caroline works closely with her clients to help change their mindset about clothes. She works to give you the knowledge + tools you need to create a mindful wardrobe that can sustain trends and seasons effortlessly. She does not give you a cookie cutter list of to-do's and not-to-do's. She really customizes the experience to you so the results are evergreen.
Style is more than just clothes. Style is how you feel + live your life! 
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The Fabric Concept:
Each piece created is a one-of-a-kind design and constructed to last.
A majority of the clothing is made with deadstock fabric.
Deadstock is fabric that textile mills, and garment factories have that is left over from orders or production that didn't need it. Sometimes it is also from factories going out of business. Using this type of fabric to create clothing is a pretty amazing process.
As the designer, I am able to use high-end, beautiful fabrics that are always changing and this brings a unique quality to the clothing that the wearer can feel + see. This process can restrict me from creating multiple garments from the exact same fabric season after season, but I love that! Things are always different and this gives me the freedom to experiment with fabrics and design all the time. Using this type of fabric that already exists + is in need of a purpose feels right in a world of constant newness. 
  RUBA RUBA works to create clothing in a responsible + mindful way, so all of the details and processes are thought out and as intentional as possible. I want the wearer to feel confident and chic in the clothing, but also feel good about what they are buying into.
The Waste:
At RUBA RUBA I work hard to not create + dispose of vast amounts of textile waste. Designing and making clothing naturally creates a large amount of waste, but to combat this I use the left over fabric to make choker necklaces, pockets, the body of the Bandana Cowl Scarves, GiGi Bandeaus and more. I also donate bags and bags of scrap fabric to local elementary schools that use the fabric for art projects throughout the school year.
*If you have a purpose for scrap fabric at all, please let me know!
The Sizing:
  The RUBA RUBA sizing is very unique and inclusive as possible. The clothing is made up of minimal, uncomplicated silhouettes that can fit a variety of body types. Every piece is considered a "Free Size". Instead of the wearer worrying about the number on the tag, I want the wearer to worry about how the item feels. RR offers different cuts that fit petite sizes, medium sizes and curvy sizes well! This is possible by the slight variations to the cut/silhouette that is done during the design and making process. An example of this would be the  Bessy Dolman Top - this comes in two cuts. The Cropped Bessy Dolman Top is best for shorter, petite sizes or people that wish to wear cropped tops. While the Classic Bessy Dolman Top looks great on smaller frames it works perfectly on taller, curvier women. This freedom with the sizing is accomplished by all of the openings of the garment being oversized and not constricting at all. Especially in the armpit area! This leaves room for bigger bust sizes and longer limbs! Most of the RR pieces are flowy and comfortable and flatter a variety of sizes. If you have any questions about how something may fit you please do not hesitate to reach out to the designer