Mindful Wardrobe Stylin'

Mindful Wardrobe Stylin'

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A 3 part customized experience to develop your wardrobe into an intentional collection of items that make you feel your best.

This is not about looking trendy or following a cookie cutter set of rules. This is about mindfully shopping + consuming to help you navigate through the over saturated fashion world of trends + low quality/disposable clothing. I help guide you every step of the way + give you tools to use on your own. This is about building your style + your confidence.


DAY #1: Consultation + Closet Evaluation

A quick convo about what you are in need of, what you like and do not like and what your shopping budget looks like. You will be asked to fill out some simple/fun paper work so I am able to plan out your shopping and stylin'.

I can come to your closet to go through and help you start the process of minimizing and determining what you need to add, eliminate or alter.

DAY #2: Shoppin'

1- 2 stores (3 MAX) // I will have the shopping planned so that you are not overwhelmed

DAY #3: Stylin' + Final Consulting + outfit coordination

We will meet at your closet for a final session. We will mix your existing closet with your new pieces and coordinate new outfits.


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