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A La Carte Styling Service

A La Carte Styling Service

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 A la carte styling service options: (This is not a package - these are individual sessions - Pricing varies and depends on your needs and intensity of the project! Let's chat!)

#1: Style with what you have

This informative yet super fun session is a one time session that focuses on outfit creation + clothing care. We work together to build outfits that work for your daily life and go over special style tips, tricks and ways of thinking that can help you get dressed with more ease each day.

This is a very popular session for repeat customers! This session is great to do to freshen up your outfit combos and make sure your personal style/lifestyle is being considered throughout the year.

#2: Closet organization 

Create a wardrobe that functions for you based on the closet's organization and real-estate of the closet. Organization is highly under rated and can be profoundly beneficial to how quickly you get dressed, how you shop, how often you shop and even what you tend to wear on a daily basis.

#3: Closet Audit

 This is always a starting point when we first work together but can be done many times a year. (I personally give myself a Closet Audit every other month)

During this session we go through your entire closet and comb through the issues. We figure out what you love, hate and what doesn't get any love but should. We also figure out how to utilize items you have never worn. This session is about minimizing and figuring out what you can sell, repurpose (into something else or even within your own wardrobe), or donate. This is an ideal starting point for working on you and your personal style journey because it helps your understand where your current wardrobe is at so your shopping and dressing habits can become more intentional.

#4: Personal Styling and/or Shopping

This session is extremely dependent on an individuals needs.

This session could be focused on styling for an entire family's photoshoot session or helping a bride create a vibe and style for her entire wedding attire. Or this session could be focused on creating outfits for a vacation or series of events.

This can be about shopping to find you the right items and then you take it from there OR a combo of shopping for you and then helping you style it as well. 

There is no right or wrong way to this session and is 100% based on the specific needs you have!


*Price may vary depending on your needs and intensity of the project. Price will be discussed and confirmed before project is started!

*Please email to get started! Please do not purchase before contacting