Style + Consult With What You Have

Style + Consult With What You Have

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This is a great session to add after a 'Closet Audit'!

For this session we will go through your wardrobe and create different sets of outfits for a variety of occasions.

Need to spruce up your work looks? Date night or brunch outfits? Don't worry! I gotchu! 

We will go through and create outfits with what you already have! This is a super fun session that is all about getting creative and having fun with your clothes. It also is a great way to show you the potential you have with your current wardrobe. 

Throughout the process we will also discuss what you could add to your wardrobe over time! 


It is ideal to have this session done after a Closet Audit. It is basically part-two to the Closet Audit. During the Closet Audit we go through and cleanse the wardrobe and determine what is missing, while this session is really focused on creating with what you have!



*Price is a starting cost. Price may vary depending on your needs and intensity of the project. Price will be discussed and confirmed before project is started!

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