CT Babe Package // Style & Shopping Subscription

CT Babe Package // Style & Shopping Subscription

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  RUBA RUBA believes that having a well rounded wardrobe full of items you love can make a huge impact on your day-to-day life. No matter who you are, what you lifestyle or career is, your age or size. We all deserve to feel good, look good and wear clothing that empowers us.

 If you know anything about the RUBA RUBA services you know that I help you navigate the crazy world of fast fashion and find your true personal style for a long-lasting wardrobe you can live in.

 We have all seen the subscription service boxes out there that promise they are personalized to you, but how personal can they be when the person doesn’t know anything about you?

  I am now offering a dynamic service that helps CT residents break the code to their wardrobe, find their personal style and thrive in it with this new subscription based service.

Here is how it works:


*Connecticut residents only

Step #1: Closet Audit Session

(This portion can be excluded from your purchase/service if you are already a client and have already had the Closet Audit completed for you within the last year)

Step #2: Three Month Subscription

I will remotely shop for you based on your needs that we determined during your Closet Audit. I will send you links, shop second hand and/or purchase directly for you for three months after your Closet Audit.

We will determine your shopping budget and I will stay within those perimeters and prioritize your needs during shopping to fit within your budget and unique style and life.  

I will make a 3 month plan for your wardrobe and based on your monthly budget will find the perfect fit of items for you!

> 2 - 5 items per month (this varies depending on the needs but it is important to shop intentionally and not over-consume)

 I will online shop for you and create a google document full of links that are customized to your needs. You will have the ability to click through and shop the links given to make the final call, without the headache of searching and stressing about what it right or not. Tap, click, add to cart and receive at your front door!

#1 Step: Remote consultation

#2 Step: Make a game plan

#3 Step: Shop

#4: Step: Add to cart

#5: Step: Love your style

*Extension of this package can be added before or after three initial months upon request

*Please email rubarubadesigns.gcm@gmail.com to get started! Please do not purchase before contacting