The Minnies // Tropical Slate
The Minnies // Tropical Slate

The Minnies // Tropical Slate

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These fun beachy scarves are basically an oversized bandana but not as big as the signature Sheet Scarf you usually see here at RUBA RUBA - hence the name, The Minnies (aka mini version of the Sheet Scarf)


They made from high quality 〰️ Pima cotton 〰️


They are knotted in the back (The same way you would if you wore a bandana around your neck) to easily be able to throw right over your head and run out the door!



Machine washable on cold - delicate with like textures and colors  〰️ hang to dry


This design is handmade in Connecticut + an exclusive design to RUBA RUBA // Like 99% of the rest of the RUBA RUBA line - these are made from deadstock fabric