Virtual Consultation + Closet Audit

Virtual Consultation + Closet Audit

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RUBA RUBA believes that having a well rounded wardrobe full of items you love can make a huge impact on your day-to-day life. No matter who you are, what your lifestyle or career is, your age or size. We all deserve to feel good, look good and wear clothing that empowers us.

 If you know anything about the RUBA RUBA services you know that I help you navigate the crazy world of fast fashion and find your true personal style for a long-lasting wardrobe you can live in.

 We have all seen the subscription service boxes out there that promise they are personalized to you, but how personal can they be when the person doesn’t know anything about you. I am now offering a service that can help local CT residents and clients out of state!


  This customized virtual experience can help women from all over become more comfortable in their clothing & more knowledgable of quality, clothing care, style discovery & better shopping/disposable habits for a more sustainable future & happier, more versatile closet! 

We will conduct this session through emails, phone calls/text and video chat.

During this time we will have an in-depth discussion about your closet and frustrations.

We will go through your closet and see what you love, hate, would like to donate, sell and where you could improve your wardrobe!

During this session we will talk about styling tips, tricks + your personal style discovery.

After the session I will send you detailed notes of tips, tricks and suggestions.


*Please do not purchase this without contacting Georgia Caroline first via email or even social media's direct message.


IG & FB: @rubarubadesigns