Virtual Personal Shopping Assistance

Virtual Personal Shopping Assistance

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RUBA RUBA believes that having a well rounded wardrobe full of items you love can make a huge impact on your day-to-day life. No matter who you are, what your lifestyle or career is, your age or size. We all deserve to feel good, look good and wear clothing that empowers us.

 If you know anything about the RUBA RUBA services you know that I help you navigate the crazy world of fast fashion and find your true personal style for a long-lasting wardrobe you can live in.

 We have all seen the subscription service boxes out there that promise they are personalized to you, but how personal can they be when the person doesn’t know anything about you. I am now offering a service that can help local CT residents and clients out of state!

This customized virtual experience can help women from all over develop their wardrobe to make it work better for you!

 This Remote Shoppin' service is a one time session that is done 100% remotely so you can continue livin' your best life all while having a little fairy (me) do some personalized shopping for you!

Whether your are in need of new shoes, vacation gear that will last you longer than a week away, the perfect look for a wedding, post baby style, starting a new job, making a shift in your lifestyle or just want to add better pieces to your wardrobe for a more quality, well rounded, mindful closet - I've got you covered girl!

How it works:

Step #1: You will be asked to fill out a survey so I can understand your needs better as well as show me some examples of your style or desired style (Pinterest is an amazing tool for this), give me your time frame and shopping budget and then sit back and relax while I take the stress of shopping out of your hands.

Step #2: I will create a thoughtful list of items that work within your budget, the reasons why the items were picked, and tips + tricks on styling them, how to care for them properly and what you will get out of them over all. 

Step #3: You will then click through the list and be able to purchase the items instantly. So you get the final call, but with the expertise and knowledge behind the option to insure you that you are making a mindful purchase that is right for you all while saving you time and stress.


*Please do not purchase this service before discussing it with Georgia Caroline. Please contact via email or even social media.

~ Please note price may vary depending on your needs, but will be discussed before we start!

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IG & FB: @rubarubadesigns