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is a clothing line designed and hand-crafted in Chester, Connecticut by the designer, Georgia Caroline Milton.

She strives to bring focus to the quality of the garments, through design.

The aspiration for RUBA RUBA is to discourage the disposable view of clothing that has become so pervasive today. 

RUBA RUBA strives to combat this disposable view, by creating well-crafted timeless items, that can easily become integrated into one's daily life. 

This clothing line focuses on high-end design and chic layers that can be worn all year long.

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 - Long Term Pop - Up Shop - AUGUST 4th > > > JANUARY 4th

Store front + Open Studio // See the entire process in front of your eyes while you shop! 

Every piece of clothing is designed here & made here!

36 Main St, Chester CT 06412

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Please contact us with concerns or questions!


Returns are ONLY acceptable if you find a damage or defect on RUBA RUBA's end, 

and must be brought back into the pop-up shop within 7 days!

Please do not try to return an item because of a change of mind/heart.

Items can be exchanged for another item if brought back to the long term pop-up shop location within 7 days!

(Items being brought back for exchange must not be worn, washed or changed in anyway)


 Exchanges are acceptable that same day until the event has ended. No returns!

Please note: Each & every design is hand crafted in the Connecticut Studio 

and there for have unique details from hand work,

instead of being mass produced in a large, mysterious factory. 

Please care for your new design properly with the instructions we provide you with at time of purchase. 


A little RUBA RUBA history:

RR Signature Design: The COWL SCARF

The Cowl Scarf was the original design that started the company after the designer created one for herself with the qualities and details she desired in a “live in” kind of accessory, like a scarf.

Georgia Caroline has always been a huge scarf wearer, but she felt frustrated by the cheap, often unoriginal scarves in the market that required constant adjusting. Scarves were something she consumed far too often off the sale racks at the mall or box stores. Since these scarves were extremely cheap and easy to purchase, she normally had way too many which would end up in a goodwill pile too early into the scarf’s life. Georgia Caroline was always twisting, tying and essentially manipulating them to lay the way she craved, but she was never fully satisfied with their structure.

Georgia Caroline would get many compliments on the way she wrapped her scarves, but felt like they were cheap, rigged versions of something that could be so much better. She eventually realized she could design something that could be unique and actually last and lay the way she wanted every time; meaning she could ditch the constant scarf manipulation she had become so used to. Georgia Caroline started designing and eventually created the RR Cowl Scarf to solve her personal scarf problem, which then gave her the ability to narrow down her scarf pile to a smaller quality bunch that she knew wouldn't end up in that wasted “give away pile” anymore.

At the time, not realizing it would turn into her full-time passion, Georgia Caroline kept creating and experimenting with the scarf design until eventually her friends and family began asking for their own; RUBA RUBA was born.

So, naturally this scarf design holds a special place in Georgia Caroline's heart. She is ecstatic that she can share this, and the many other designs that have grown out of the Cowl scarf, with so many people.




These scarves are a unique invention that brings purpose and beauty into one. This design gives you that flattering layered look, without the constant adjustments that the run of the mill scarf normally requires.

These signature Cowl Scarves are built to have volume and lay perfectly every time. This structure, and solution, is accomplished through the architecture of the scarf. The origami inspired handwork and soft, very flexible Italian leather neck band create quality details that no other scarf out there has. These scarves are made to age with you. The leather will break in and become even softer, and the timeless style will last a lifetime.



The Sheet Scarves and Chuks have become two other essential scarf designs for RUBA RUBA.

The Sheet Scarves are great because they are simple and take minimal effort to wrap around one’s self. Using oversized shapes with high quality fabrics is key. The concept of the Sheet Scarf is that it is basically a large bandana, so the folding and wrapping should feel natural to anyone who has ever handled a bandana before. This oversized layer makes wearing comfortable, warm, and as effortless as possible. They are great as a cover up in the summer, a light layer for traveling, or a chic, warm go-to for fall and winter.

The Chuks (named after her awesome dad, Chuck) came from the designer's background in outdoor winter sports, like skiing and snowshoeing.

Georgia Caroline created the original Chuk for her dad after hearing too much complaining about the textures and uncomfortableness of the neck warmers he owned. To put an end to this complaining every ski trip, Georgia Caroline created a modified, higher quality version of what already existed in the world, and tested it out on her dad. She changed it up by having fleece on one side and a quality stretch on the other. Having these double layers, of opposite fabric materials makes wearing versatile and keeps the cold out. This simple change made a huge difference for the wearer; her dad approved and is now hooked (even after heavy skepticism of even trying it out in the first place). 

Some other versions of the Chuks have leather neck bands to add a luxurious feel, or are made from two layers of light weight stretch material, with a smaller silhouette so it can be worn around the neck or head comfortably.

 Georgia Caroline has created the Chuks with many different lifestyles in mind: from college students to a chef to a marathon runner to a yoga instructor to a landscaper, and of course skiers. Each lifestyle will be sure to appreciate the wearability and functionality that the Chuks has to offer. This is a design that is simple, but Georgia Caroline found that giving the design a little more intention made all the difference.

*ALL designs created by RUBA RUBA are original designs, and must not be resold or replicated in any way, shape or form.


Photography Credit: RUBA RUBA - Dylan Odekerken



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