4 Reason Why Keeping It Simple Is The Way To Keep It Stylish


The overwhelming pressure to always get the newest cut of jeans, that fluffy cropped jacket, a ruffly off the shoulder dress or super trendy top that takes one roll of duct tape, a good tan, the perfect rise of jeans, and your first born in order to wear properly is just sooooo last season. 
All the cute, gotta have clothes out there can make any girl (or guy) feel anxiety to constantly consume and “upgrade” their wardrobe. Consuming these ever-changing trends is exhausting and you’ll never catch up. Ever! I promise. By the time you get that trendy jacket to go over that must-have dress every blogger or “it” girl on Instagram is wearing, it will be so far past its prime that you will already be worried about the next slew of trends haunting you. These overly trendy items are also produced so quickly that they aren’t made to last. They are actually made to wear, wash and dispose of quicker than it can even go out of style. This creates a dent in one’s bank account, an overload of closet flow and extra chores of getting rid of unwanted clothes on your days off and none of those sound like positives to me.
When you think about what you like to wear there are usually only a few shapes, combinations, fabrics, and even colors you are drawn to and feel good wearing. Everyone has their form of what I like to call a “uniform.” Becoming mindful of which colors, fits, and styles you like to wear is key to feeling good about your closet. Personal expression can make you feel more put together than ever. It is also important to buy quality basics to serve for great base layers and wardrobe staples that you can wear over and over again. Then finding your beloved statement pieces to sprinkle in can spice up your outfits in all the right ways.
Keeping it simple gives you a sense of freedom and makes you look not only chic, but effortlessly cool and unapologetically comfortable without anyone thinking “Well, doesn’t she look a lil too comfy today?!”

1 // You can accessorize without feeling overdone

Think of having a simple white tee, or minimalistic top with jeans, or all black look.

 These simple base layers can work as a blank canvas for you. You can kinda go nuts with accessories! Feel free to layer up necklaces or reach for those flashy statement earrings while still feeling and looking effortless. Any outfit can be leveled up with the right jewelry, scarf, bag, or shoes.

With simple base layers like a crisp white tee, you can really experiment. You can bring a little flashiness to an outfit without it feeling over the top because your sleek base layers tone it down which keeps you comfortable and chic.

 If you are combining fun accessories, make sure you are looking sophisticated by wearing bright whites, sharp blacks and non-stretched out, pilly layers. Pay attention to the quality and condition of your clothes! Don't throw on a dingy/stretched out white tee that kinda looks dusty with a bold necklace. It won't feel as intentional if it isn't fresh looking.

Invest in basics + take care of them properly and you will always look put together and can always have fun dressing them up! 

RUBA_RUBA_Fashion_blog_white tee look

2 // You never have to feel overdressed & you always get to feel comfy - no matter how fancy or tall those shoes are.

Comfort is so important in one's confidence and even productivity. If you are thinking about, tugging at, or shifting in your clothes throughout your day there is no way you are feeling good or staying focused.

Comfort roots from fit! Pay attention to the fabrics you buy and the way it fits/feels on your bod! Only buy what you feel good in! Do not worry about what is trendy or "in" if it doesn't make you feel good, it isn't serving you properly! Shop for what fits you well so you can breathe, sit, move and feel good walking across a room. Being comfortable is key to any style. If you aren’t comfortable, there is no way you can be stylish, because style is a reflection of you! Your style should make you feel like your best self and without comfort, that isn't possible. 

You might loveee wearing high heeled shoes, but don't want to squeeze into a form-fitting dress and tights every day. You can still look like the powerhouse you are by throwing on fancy shoes with well-fitting jeans and a plain turtleneck for just the right amount of "fancy" with the perfect amount of NEVER being overdressed, and comfort in all the right places.

Keeping your outfits simple, fitting well, and made of quality will undoubtedly get you feeling great, and remember, sometimes the shoes ARE the outfit.


3 // You never have to feel like you’re wearing the same thing every day.

When you keep your outfits minimal with quality fabrics and layers it gives you the freedom to look sleek and stylish without having to wear something new every single day. It gets exhausting trying to look different every day and switch out your bags constantly to match your shoes or coat or whatever. Who has time for that these days!? Um, no one! If your over-all wardrobe is cohesive it should take minimal effort to mix things together successfully.

Not worrying about not having repeat outfit days can help you defeat that feeling of constant trend-chasing or the 1st world problem of stressing over not having the same outfit in more than ONE Instagram post. OMG.

If you always keep it sleek and simple with your quality basics and base layers then you can mix it up with your accessories and top layers - like jackets - and never feel like you are wearing the same outfit again, even if you kinda, sorta are a lil bit!

Reach for classic pieces for your base and throw on a funky blazer, cool sweater, or any fun combo of accessories on top so it always feels like a  new look.

Pops of detail added to a simple outfit can be a perfect way to express yourself without having to try on ten million outfits before running out the door. Keep those mornings easy and painless. 


4 // Contrast is your secret weapon

Figuring out the art of fabric combos can seem a tad scary, but it doesn’t have to be. The most stylish people in the world are always the ones that know how to create the perfect outfit combinations, and that has a lot to do with the contrast of their fabrics, textures, and colors. Pair “fancy” with “low key” to level up or level down an outfit.

If you have a spunky patterned jacket and you loveee it and wanna wear it with your faux leather leggings - please go right ahead! I am not saying you should deprive yourself of self-expression by any means. I am saying there is a way to express yourself with a little more attention to detail so you can look and feel like you really want by refining and pulling together your looks to be as sophisticated as possible. So keep all the other details low key!

If you are wearing a bold statement piece, I would make sure you are keeping accessories, shoes, and the rest of your clothing layers on the simplistic side.

Let your statement piece be the statement piece. Don't create competition for attention in your outfits. Use contrast to give them all a fair place in your look.

If you are wearing that bold jacket with faux leather leggings then wear simple black Chelsea boots and a crisp white tee with gold stud earrings to have everything mesh perfectly and balance each other out. Do not go overboard by adding a ruffly sheer top with sequins AND sky high heels AND giant gold hoops AND stacked bangles AND layers of necklaces AND a velvet headband AND...okay so you get the point... It just starts to make you look like you are decorated instead of dressed.

Don't be afraid to let just ONE item of your outfit MAKE the outfit.

This will make getting dressed more mindful, and give you the freedom to cut down your time while getting ready which will make your life so much easier! Once you practice this for a while, you will see how much easier it will be to create outfits and get dressed every morning. 





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