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Wardrobe Style Development

Hey! My name is Georgia Caroline, owner/designer/stylist of RUBA RUBA.

RR offers a unique set of styling services that go beyond what just looks cute and instead helps connect you to your true personal style for a more intentional wardrobe + life! 

 Clothing is our most personal possession we own and it aids us in everything we do, yet in today's fast fashion world our clothing is looked at as a disposable after-thought...
  The idea of building ones wardrobe into a thoughtful collection of quality items we cherish has been lost in the mainstream, BUT with the RUBA RUBA Wardrobe Development Services you can defeat this, find your personal style and even thrive in it!

These services are for anyone that has a wardrobe that is jam packed with clothes but still feels like they constantly have nothing to wear.  

This is for anyone who wants to feel more connected to themselves + stop constantly impulse shopping.

I created these services so that women didn't have to feel lost in the never ending trend cycle + overwhelming world of fast fashion.

I have created a variety mindful approaches to shopping + style that can make getting dressed easier + even more enjoyable!

What we wear is a strong form of communication + helps determine how confidently we show up in our daily life, career, school, motherhood + relationships! 

When there is less frustration + friction in our wardrobes it creates a positive domino effect into the rest of our lives + helps build a strong sense of confidence.

 Also, I deeply believe that this form of intention within our personal style + wardrobe can create a more sustainable future in fashion because a consumer that feels in control + full of knowledge has all the power!



Contact me with your current wardrobe frustrations or needs on Instagram or via email! Then we will set up a totally free 'Discovery Call'. This quick and easy call offers insight on your end as well as mine so we can properly move forward accordingly! 

After our 15 min Discovery Call - I will send you a follow up email with a digital booklet full of packages + offerings for you to pick from.

In the new year, I have reworked my most popular + impactful offerings to be more set in stone packages to make the picking and processes more streamlined!

I have thoughtfully created a wide range of offerings that can work for anyone's personal style + budget.

I worked a long time to really refine my packages based on evidence of what has worked best for my existing clients in the past!

All of the redefined packages have gotten amazing feedback and I have watched my clients truly blossom from the processes!

All the details within each and every packages have been mindfully included to contribute the utmost quality + value for you - nothing is a cookie cutter filler, but instead tried and true, intentional efforts that can really make an impact on your life and relationship with your clothes as well as you body!

Examples of types of packages:

Mini sessions for as little as $150 to Closet Refreshes for under $400, to Personal Style Development packages or in-depth Style Mentoring for under $700, Mini Wardrobe Revamps for under $2000, to Total Wardrobe Revamps for under $4000 + Sooooo much more!

In-person sessions available for Baltimore, DC { Surrounding areas } / NYC, CT, RI booked upon availability + request


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