Wardrobe Style Development

 *All Styling is work done virtually for US clients only // Limited in-person sessions available upon request in select areas (Baltimore, Washington D.C., Connecticut, Rhode Island, Sarasota, FL)

RUBA RUBA offers a unique set of styling services that goes below the surface. Owner & Stylist Georgia helps connect you to your true personal style for a more intentional wardrobe + life! 

Clients often say that the work with her is “life-changing” and that the approach “feels like working with a very stylish, knowledgeable best friend that genuinely cares.”

 Clothing is our most personal possession we own and it aids us in everything we do, yet in today's fast fashion world our clothing is looked at as a disposable after-thought...
Georgia provides a safe space to navigate through the chaos of what to wear when it constantly feels like there is nothing to wear - even though the closet is jam-packed.
She helps people find their voice and embrace their authentic signature style so that it can evolve with them throughout life's inevitable transformations. 
Georgia's immense understanding of style, fabrics, quality, fit, and clothing design make her an invaluable resource and guide for revealing one's true personal style. She also believes teaching people how to use their personal style to their advantage is essential.
Georgia cultivates a strong sense of intentionality and thoughtfulness regarding what we wear. She focuses on mindful shopping and versatility so that the wardrobe is a highly functional machine that works for you instead of against you.
It is not about being or doing anything perfectly, but instead about doing it all with purpose. Intentionality is always what truly matters in life and of course, style.
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