5 Clothing Items Worth Splurging On Or Saving Up For This Year!


5 Clothing Items Worth Splurging Or Saving Up For This Year!


It can feel like spending "too much" on clothing can be a waste, especially when there are so many accessible and cheap options out there! The cheap aspect takes over our reasoning part of the brain and tricks us into thinking that there is no reason to spend more on any particular item because we can get just about anything under $30 these days. BUT the problem with this is that those cheap items aren’t usually the exact cut, style, color or fabric you would love to be wearing. You compromise what you want for the price because it feels too good to pass on such a "deal". Then because it was ridiculously cheap, it rips, peels, pills or falls apart after a month. Now, there are a few different ways to avoid having a closet full of disposable, trendy items - but the first is to splurge on and/or save up for the core pieces that really matter!

These items can upgrade a cheap or simple outfit to make you feel more sophisticated and chic. It is always best to stick to classic cuts when it comes to building up your foundation so you can develop on top on this and not get stuck with piles of expensive trends you won’t plan on wearing next season. Focus on the timeless foundation items before leaping into the search for those fun statement pieces. Having a solid base of quality items that you can easily pair with statement items is key to having a strong, functional wardrobe.

Here are the items you should look out for:

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      1. Jackets!

    A thick leather jacket, a sleek fitted blazer, a sturdy jean jacket to break in, or a timeless kimono: these are the items to save up for.

    What jacket style you will search for and wear all depends on your life and preference, but having a quality overlayer to throw on with just about anything can be an amazing trick to getting dressed.

    A classic, well fitting jacket can keep you warm and really complete an outfit at any time of the year. It is important to keep quality in mind when it comes to jackets because they can be a piece that you have in your closet for years. When something is cheap, it most likely is going to look cheap and feel cheap. If you want to feel effortlessly put together and chic, invest in a great coat or jacket that you will want to live in and that can upgrade any outfit!

    Just a couple brands/places I love to shop for jackets:

      1. Boots!

      Buying cheap boots is sooooo not worth it! Your feet hold your entire body up and staying comfortable is key to being focused throughout your day.

      There are an endless amount of boots out there, but trying to stick with high quality materials such as leather and neutral colors will make the wearibilty on point (black or a saddle brown are as timeless as you can get). Boots that sit right above your ankle and below your mid calf are ideal. It works well for any age and can match so many different lifestyles. I always shoot for boots that do not have too low of a shaft (like boots that sit below the ankle bone) because they can sometimes not be very flattering or they make pairing socks and pants a little too much of a pain. I tend to go for boots that I can throw on with skinny jeans, dresses, tights or leggings without too much fuss over hiding my socks. I look for boots that can be pulled on, and with a little pant hem roll I am ready to roll.

      You can be wearing the most simple, lackluster outfit in the world, but having a sleek, quality leather boot can level you and your look up in an instant! Definitely worth a couple months of saving up here!

      Just a couple brands/places I love to shop for boots:


      1. Jeans!

      Jeans or any skinny pant is a crucial item to put a little extra attention into.

      Nobody wants to feel unflattering or uncomfortable in their pants and it can be a struggle for ANYBODY to find the perfect fit. It takes searching, trying, testing, crying and some more searching to find that perfect pair that fits you just right, but when you do it is always worth the money. Finding a mid to high-rise is essential to creating a flattering base. Having a higher rise keeps everything pulled in and makes you look longer and leaner.

      Paying attention to the length of your jeans or pants in important too! If a pair of pants is too long it will never make your legs looks long and lean. Try to find a length that sits right at your ankle (if wearing skinnies). You can always do a little roll for a flattering added detail to your outfit. If you must get your pants altered - ask the seamstress to use the original hem! She can always sew back on the original hem after removing excess length. Sounds a little crazy, but it will look so much better and will not have that "just hemmed" look to them!

      Just a couple brands/places I love to shop for jeans/pants:


      1. Scarves!

      Now, scarves may seem like a small item that doesn’t need much attention...BUT in the colder months a scarf can complete an outfit unlike any other accessory in your closet. Scarves can be an item that can make your whole look feel cheap and unconsidered OR make your whole look feel intentional and put together.

      So many scarves out there are mass-produced and made of bad fabrics that do not last. I am a huge scarf wearer and I even started my clothing line from the basic need for a higher quality scarf. I really only wear the RR Bandana Cowl Scarf or the RR Signature Sheet Scarf. If you have a certain type of scarf you like to stick to though - just pay attention to the pattern, fabric and color of the scarf! Make sure it is not made from acrylic or such thin poly or rayon that will get snags or a pilling texture to it. Look for fabrics that will hold up when getting rained and snowed on and shoved into a purse/backpack/suitcase. Look for something that will last you for more than one season!

      Just a couple brands/places I love to shop for scarves:

          • Honestly, I do not shop for scarves anywhere except RUBA RUBA. If I was to buy one anywhere outside of RUBA RUBA -  I would probably get one from Madewell or find a cashmere one from a local shop. The flannel signature Sheet Scarf is my favorite and I wear mine every single day so I have not found the need to shop for scarves in a long time.
          • I loveee silk scarves and I usually find those at consignment shops or thrift stores and use them as headbands.


      1. Bags!

      Having a faux leather bag that is peeling and cracking at the seams does not do anything for anyone's look! It just makes your look sloppy and careless.

      Upgrade for a simple leather tote or a classic cross-body messenger bag and you could be wearing sweatpants and still look more sophisticated by just having a quality bag on your arm. Fun statement piece bags are great, but everyone needs a couple class bags that can go with anything!

      The days of matchy matchy bags, shoes, and outfits are wayyyy gone. Even though your grandmother still may want to match her bag to her outfit - do not feel the pressure to follow! It is much more sophisticated to use a minimal, clean leather bag that can go with just about anything than a funky, glitzy bag you have to worry about pairing with every other detail in your outfit. Save that fussing for another part of your day and stick to a high-quality bag that goes with anything and everything!

      Just a couple brands/places I love to shop for bags:

      What is the strongest/your favorite foundation piece in your closet?

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