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My name is Georgia Caroline, owner/designer/stylist of RUBA RUBA.

RR offers a special + unique set of styling services that go beyond what just looks cute and instead helps connect you to your true personal style for a more intentional wardrobe + life!


These services are for anyone that has a wardrobe that is jam packed with clothes but still feels like they constantly have nothing to wear.  

This is for anyone who wants to feel more connected to themselves + stop constantly impulse shopping. I created these services so that women didn't have to feel lost in the never ending trend cycle + overwhelming world of fast fashion. A mindful approach to shopping + style can make getting dressed easier + more enjoyable!

What we wear is a strong form of communication + helps determine how confidently we show up in our daily life, career, school, motherhood + relationships! 

When there is less frustration + friction in our wardrobes it creates a positive domino effect into the rest of our lives + helps build a strong sense of confidence.

 Clothing is our most personal possession we own and it aids us in everything we do, yet in today's fast fashion world our clothing is looked at as a disposable after-thought...

  The idea of building ones wardrobe into a thoughtful collection of quality items we cherish has been lost in the mainstream, BUT with the RUBA RUBA Wardrobe Development Services you can defeat this, find your personal style and even thrive in it!

Also, I deeply believe that this form of intention within our personal style + wardrobe can create a more sustainable future in fashion.

All services are virtual but can be adjusted for in-person upon request


All sessions can be customized + combined for your unique needs 

#1: The Guided Style Session: $150 |  *First time clients get $50 off 
1 hour virtual meeting - kinda like therapy but for your wardrobe.
Great for clients that want to try a bite size approach to working with a stylist or for existing clients that want to check in between seasonal Audits or shopping!

#2: The Wardrobe Emergency: $250+
Virtual meeting to help prevent that dreadful feeling { before an event, interview, date, presentations etc } of having nothing to wear!
This session helps you plan ahead and offer guidance! We will meet face to face { virtually unless requested for in-person } to pick out the look days before any possible melt down can occur! Light sourcing or post chat planning included!

#3: The Closet Audit: $350 { price can vary if a wardrobe needs multipule days to go through }
Virtually cleanse + comb through the wardrobe strategically to better understand what you have, why you have it, what is missing + what needs to go. This is an essential each season + before any big shopping trips! Audits are secret to maintaining a high functioning wardrobe that works for you instead of against you!


 All packages are customized to your unique needs ~ Cost may vary

#1: The Ultimate Wardrobe Revamp: $3500+

 Not to sound dramatic, but this package has been said to be life changing! This in-depth package is basically all the services built into one customized package that helps build a strong foundation to the wardrobe.

This package turns your existing wardrobe + limitations into a functional puzzle that makes getting dressed easier! Step by step working to shift your perspective, shopping habits, self talk + helping connect you to your true personal style. We will collaborate together to get you on an intentional wardrobe path that can evolve with you instead of tying you down to revolving door of cheap quality + fast changing trends.

This package includes a Closet Audit, Personal Style Analysis + personal style suite, guide + phone call for how to achieve your desired personal style, personal shopping, styling session, designated phone calls + meetings, text support, after session booklet with tips for an intentional wardrobe

#2: The Closet Shuffle: $1600+
This customized package is all about reworking + utilizing what you already own. If you love what you buy but tend to get sick of something after one wear { or won't wear something you have been photographed in before } this service is ideally for you!
This process focuses on what you already own and helps you see + create versatility so you can get more use out of what you already own.
Light sourcing or suggestions to fill in the essential gaps are included.
This package includes a closet audit, mini personal style analysis + personalized outfit guide { made based off of what is in your wardrobe } to gain inspo + utilize endlessly!

#3: The Personal Style Analysis: $1400+
This package is focused on exploring, revealing + refining ones personal style for a more intentional approach towards your wardrobe, shopping + self image.
Understanding your personal style is essential to feeling confident, buying smarter and building a wardrobe that can evolve with you instead of chasing trends.
This process is enlightening + extremely informative. Together we will discover and refine your personal style while also learning how to create + maintain the style + habits you desire!
This package includes a closet audit, personal style analysis, style suite with a guide on how to achieve + maintain your style, designated phone calls, guided style session, text support 


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In-person sessions available for Baltimore, DC { Surrounding areas } / NYC, CT, RI booked upon availability + request

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